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Services in the Rhein-Sieg District

The services on offer from the District Administration

In this part of the website we present to you the entire service offering of the District Administration of the Rhein-Sieg district, divided into the major subject areas: Transport, Education & Culture, Social, Youth, Health, Environment & Consumers, Safety and Security, Public Order, Planning, Construction, Accommodation, Land Register & Surveying, Business, Equality and Europe.

If you cannot find the answers you are looking for, further information and specific contacts in the District Administration can be found via the interactive Citizen Information System. Of course, you can also enter a key phrase for a full text search in the “Search” box in the top left.

Service points of the District Administration
A service point offering various services is available to citizens of the Rhein-Sieg district in the foyer of the District Administration Building (Kreishaus) in Siegburg.

The District Administration of the Rhein-Sieg district opened a branch office in Rheinbach in April 2010 to better serve citizens located to the left of the Rhine in the district.

Details on the services offered by the Rheinbach branch office can be found here

The services on offer from other public service providers
As you will see, the District Administration of the Rhein-Sieg district has a very extensive and diverse range of services on offer. However, such a compilation would never be complete if the offerings of the 19 cities and municipalities were not included as well.

However, the Rhein-Sieg district is also involved in a large number of institutions and contributes in this way to ensuring that you as a citizen can also have long-term, reliable access to the services provided by these institutions.

You can find these other service providers here.