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Education, Culture & Sport/District Archive

Information on the choice of schools and education for pupils, teachers, parents, companies and all who are interested.
· School supervision
· School administration of vocational colleges and special schools
· Media centre
· Community service & voluntary social year

The Rhein-Sieg district regional education network
Develop school networking for improved education
· Cooperation with the state and current fields of action
· School-job transition management
· The organisation of regional cooperation
· Contacts in the Regional Education Office

Fostering vocational training
· Benefits for pupils pursuant to the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG)

· Promoting sports clubs
· Supporting the District Sports Association
· Sports badges
· Sports at school
· Athlete tributes

Cultural work of the Rhein-Sieg district
· Art Award
· Yearbook of the Rhein-Sieg district
· Protection of historical monuments
· Beethovenfest
· Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University and District Library
· “Culture and School” (Kultur und Schule) state programme
· ...and more

Archive and academic library
· Archive and academic library
· “Rural Jews on the Sieg” (Landjuden an der Sieg) memorial site
· Publication about the memorial site
· DVD with contemporary witnesses