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Environmental & Consumer Protection

Welcome to the Environmental & Consumer Protection web pages for the Rhein-Sieg district!

You will find information on services relating to water protection and waste management, nature and landscape conservation and consumer health protection on these pages.

Nature and landscape conservation
Information on species, nature and landscape conservation, landscaping and reserves in the district.
· Nature and landscape conservation
· Biological Station in the Rhein-Sieg district (Biologische Station im Rhein-Sieg Kreis e.V. )

Technical environmental protection
Information on waste management, water and soil conservation, imission control, groundwater, contaminated sites, climate protection
· Office for Technical Environmental Protection (Amt für Technischen Umweltschutz)

Climate protection portal
· Information and news about climate protection

The Veterinary and Food Monitoring Office (Das Veterinär- und Lebensmittelüberwachungsamt)
· Food monitoring
· Animal welfare
· Animal disease control
· Livestock breeding
· Animal feed

Horse riding and horse riding matters
Information on horse riding in the open countryside and on how to get horse riding stickers
· Horse riding stickers

General environmental protection
· The “Umwelt-Technik-Preis” environmental technology award
· “Umwelt-Aktuell-Service”, an email service with up-to-date information on general environmental topics
· Mobile telephony information event 2001
· Environmental data

Local Agenda of the Rhein-Sieg district
· Local Agenda of the Rhein-Sieg district
· Agenda award (agenda-preis)
· “agenda-telegramm”, quarterly magazine to accompany the Agenda process
· “agenda-telegramm-aktuell-service”, information by email on Local Agenda 21