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Equality as a Matter of Common Concern

Equality, the work-life balance, domestic violence, “Concerns: Women” (Betrifft: Frauen) action weeks

Dear Citizens,

I am delighted you want to find out about what the Equality Office has to offer and its responsibilities. Welcome!
I would like to outline to you the statutory mandate and objectives of the equality work and what it entails below.

Statutory mandate:

- Art. 3 (2) of the Basic Law:
“Men and women shall have equal rights. The state shall promote the actual implementation of
equal rights for women and men and take steps to eliminate disadvantages that now exist.”

- Other fundamentals include:
- the Equality Act (Gleichstellungsgesetz) of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia,
- the NRW District Ordinance (Kreisordnung NRW),
- the main statute of the Rhein-Sieg district and
- the Plan for the Advancement of Women (Frauenförderplan) of the Rhein-Sieg district
- The Rhein-Sieg district joined the European Charter for Equality of Men and Women in local life on 14/09/2007

Objectives of the equality work:
· equal partnership between women and men in private life, professional life and society.
· improving the work-life balance
· equal recognition of duties in the private and professional spheres
· reducing disadvantages against women and enforcement of their interests
· further development of the roles of boys and girls

Within the Equality Office, the equality officer and her deputy work:
· internally for District Administration employees and
· externally for the people of the Rhein-Sieg district (on matters of district-wide importance).

· helping women enforce their rights.
· implementing the Plan for the Advancement of Women within the Administration.
· advising women on problems in the workplace e.g. bullying.